Spiral Mixer with mobile bowl

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Spiral mixer with mobile bowl provides to mix the dough in a short time. It enables to make very little fl our to dough and also more homogenate dough mixture and bigger volume bread. One of the most important specifications of this mixer is mobile bowl. This specification of mixer allows us to use extra bowl.



Energy and time saving
– Bowl, spiral arm and bar are made of stainless steel.
– By means of the gear driving system bowl is stable and in provides to mix dough in a stable speed.
– There is an indicator which shows temperature of dough
– Kneading time can be adjusted according to wish
– Due to belt transmissions of main power the machine noise level is quite low.
– Mixer is mobile and there is a fixing device on the mixer.
– The emergency stop function and the security system on the cover are available.
– Machine works in manual and automatic cycle with two programmable timers
– Reverse bowl rotation.

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