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The Raveks mini steam tube oven is a static oven which means there are no fans to dry out your baked goods. The most important characteristic of this oven is the unique heating system. Heat is supplied by a dense network of closed vapour tubes in which hot steam circulates. The baking chambers on each deck are wrapped by these vapour tubes in and around the entire deck, each steam tube is individually tested and certified at our factory. This unique concept of heating steam tubes provides our customers with low energy consumption, quick temperature recovery and the perfect uniform bake every time. The oven is so energy efficient that after 12 hours of the oven turned off, it still holds 120C. High quality stainless steel is used on the entire outside & inside of the oven for easy cleaning and look. Each deck has its own powerful selfcontained high capacity steam system that is ready on demand for artisan breads, bagels and rolls. The AGILIS mini steam tube oven with refractory baking surface is ideal for hearth baking and you can also bake in regular trays. This oven is perfect for all types of products such as breads, rolls, pies, pastries and pizza’s.


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